Our Actions

School sponsorship

  • Through the school sponsorship program, a hundred orphans and/or destitute children in Togo are sponsored each year in order to improve their school living conditions.

  • Do you want to become a godmother or a godfather?

  • A donation of €53 per child will provide:
    -His school uniform
    -His school supplies
    -His tuition
    -His exercise books
    As well as support courses if necessary.

    For any information please contact us.


We accept new sponsors throughout the year.
Former sponsors are contacted before the new school year in order to relaunch their action. Sponsorship takes effect from September to June, one school year.

A quarterly report is sent to the sponsor who maintains a direct relationship (by mail with the child throughout the year). It is possible to sponsor several childrens.

NB: The sponsor undertakes to support the education of his godchild for the duration of his current cycle.


We organize several activities in rural areas and in Lomé the capital.

We intervene in the fight against HIV / AIDS, awareness on sexual and reproductive health (training, screening campaign, awareness).

We also organize training and awareness-raising activities in schools on hygiene rules, first aid rules, diet, diabetes, etc.

On August 11, 2016, our biggest education project was launched. This is the creation of a reception and educational center for orphans which will be called the PROMISE orphanage.

The PROMISE Orphanage will need support to function well, and provide quality services to children; both financial and material in order to be able to fully achieve its objectives.

In addition, we want to organize several free care campaigns for nearby populations. For this we need competent people in medicine and the necessary equipment to put them in place.

Right of the child

In addition to our educational actions, we want to help children from poor families by providing them with food, medical care, education, activities and assistance for their families.

For this we support nurseries to which we make financial donations (for food), donations of clothes, toys.

Right to party

We organize festive moments for the children of the villages.

During school vacation periods we offer leisure activities (socio-cultural activities, film screenings, organization of sports tournaments, intercultural meetings.)

We also want children to have a real Christmas.

For this we offer them a convivial meal, dances, a distribution of sweets and of course a visit from Santa Claus.


Our main project is to manage to build an orphanage in Kpalimé which would be the Promise orphanage. With the involvement of local residents, we want to create a home that will promote education, access to health, respect for children and their rights, as well as the relationship with the environment thanks to an agricultural farm for food self-sufficiency.


Protection de l’environnement


Au Togo comme ailleurs, la question de l’environnement est d’actualité.

Nous soutenons des projets de reboisement, particulièrement ceux qui permettent de lutter contre la malnutrition. Nous favorisons donc la plantation d’arbres fruitiers (orangers, manguiers, citronniers, bananiers).

L’usage des sacs en plastique s’avère un véritable fléau, des actions d’éducation et de sensibilisation  au ramassage des ordures non biodégradables sont nécessaires.