What is FETASCO ?

The 3rd edition of the FETASCO 2022 arts, dance and music festival was an event with various activities such as painting workshops, animations and a cocktail reception to close the colors of the festival in style by launching the project of construction of the PROMISE orphanage in the prefecture of LAVIE in Kpalimé.
FETASCO (Festival of Arts, Dance and Music for Orphans) is a festive event that brings together local and international artists. He also contributes to the construction and management of the "PROMISE" orphanage in the prefecture of Lavié in kpalimé in Togo.
The godmother of the FETASCO 2022 project. In order to sensitize the world to this cause, celebrities join forces with the association in order to sponsor it, it is therefore with great pleasure that the Action Culture Togo association has counted among its members, a new godmother. Miss Elegance France 202, Léa LLORENS went to Togo on November 12 at the Chamber of Commerce of Togo, partner of Action Culture Togo.
The main causes defended are cultural and educational developments, mainly in favor of orphaned children through events with international influence.

A word from Cultural Action President and promoter of FETASCO Raymond Dabla​

« Although I like to say that the most important thing is not the goal but the path to reach it, we remain open to any project and contribution so that children’s lives become more colorful and more akin to that they deserve rather than what they suffer.

Raymond DABLA was born on January 7 in Lomé, Togo. Togolese humanist actor passionate about travel and culture, founder of the multicultural label Unlimited Music Mode Sport Cinema putting his talents and experiences as a facilitator, manager and promoter at the service of others, Africa and progress.

The 2022 edition by FETASCO


An artistic painting workshop with the children from July 1 to 11, 2022 in the TAMBERMA region and a cocktail reception on Saturday November 12, 2022 at the Chamber of Commerce of Togo with the presence of MISS ELEGANCE FRANCE 2020, LEA LLORENS. We are lucky to have among us volunteers from France, Ghana and Togo.
This festival is organized by the Action Culture association, but also thanks to the sponsor of FETASCO, our partners, volunteers. and benefactors from various walks of life. The latter fight for the improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants, and to allow the children an academic and social independence.

Our volunteers contribute in particular to the construction of the “PROMISE” orphanage to help underprivileged children.
It will have a dormitory, a dispensary, a library, a farm, a canteen equipped with a kitchen, as well as an entertainment area.

Discover in video the testimony of support of our godmothers for the 2022 edition.

What did we offer during the 2017 festival?

 theatre, dance and music.The 2017 edition took place during the summer in the town of Afagnan in Togo and was an exceptional event with various activities such as: workshops and theater show and dance and music.

A lively festive moment with the godmother of FETASCO 20 17 MISS DIASPORA TOGO 2017, PASCALINE AMAGLO.
A lively festive moment with the godmother of FETASCO 20 17 MISS DIASPORA TOGO 2017, PASCALINE AMAGLO.
A few moments during the 2nd edition of the dance and music arts festival in favor of the Orphans of Togo

Why do the orphans?

  • Among the social classes most affected by poverty, the orphan is the most exposed to the scourges that undermine society such as malnutrition, illiteracy, disease and sexual abuse, etc.
  • Often called “street children”, these children aged 0 to 17 are currently in a situation of extreme poverty. These children left to fend for themselves are at the heart of various problems such as exploitation (in all its forms), delinquency, drug addiction, prostitution, etc.

  • They thus expose themselves to various dangers such as STIs, HIV/AIDS or even unwanted pregnancies whose paternity is often difficult to determine.

The editions previous

The first edition of FETASCO from August 11 to 14, 2016 was a wonderful opportunity to meet different stakeholders from Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Denmark and Togo.

The second edition from August 16 to 20, 2017 brought together speakers from France, the United States, and Togo in order to show their support for the 30 orphans of the village of Afangnan.
Unfortunately, this place does not have a suitable reception area or adequate infrastructure for their educational activities. If one of our objectives remains the improvement of the living conditions of children, we wish at the same time to put in place means allowing them independence in their future school and social life.

Thanks to our partners for their commitment